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3 Surprising Benefits of Scheduling

Prioritizing your schedule not only helps you to become more organized, it also gives you more freedom in your day.


Although most real estate agents and brokers wish they could be more efficient during their workdays, many of them find it difficult to create a plan for their day and stick with it. Sure, they have their excuses: “My days vary so much it would be impossible to plan them,” “I need to have the freedom to deal with situations that pop up,” “I have so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin to plan,” etc. While it’s impossible for most to plan their schedules down to the minute, the most successful professionals are able to plan their days with their priorities in mind, which gives them the ability to work smarter. Professionals who plan tend to find more success than their schedule-phobic counterparts. Here are three benefits of planning your schedule. Continue reading

5 Clever Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Next Email

You don’t need fancy equipment to add video to your emails. Use the camera in your laptop to film your message.

Do you want a unique way to connect with your clients? Add video to your next email. Videos are becoming a popular addition to email marketing campaigns. A brief, one to two minute video can help you exhibit your character and competence while delivering a personal message to your best clients. Including a video in your email will help you to pierce the defenses of your clients and magnify your message. Out of curiosity they’ll watch the video and once you’ve grabbed their attention, you’ll remain at the top of their mind. Continue reading

Brian Buffini’s Success Tour: What to do in Richmond

Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2014 will be in Richmond on April 9th and 10th.

Are you registered and ready for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour coming to Richmond on April 9th and 10th? With less than a month to go, you’re probably getting excited to see the real estate event and are thinking about what to do during your downtime. Richmond, one of America’s oldest and most historic cities, offers a variety of things to do when you’re not soaking up some new business building strategies at the convention center. Whether you’re visiting Richmond from out of state or you’re a local, here’s a list of fun things to check out during the week of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour. Come for the Success Tour and stay to visit the sites!

Continue reading

Improve Your Business and Life with Small Changes

in order to have the most impact, make sure you track your activities.


Want to achieve large goals? Start with one small change. Yes, you read that correctly. One small change can lead to big success. Unfortunately, when most people create goals, they immediately start making huge changes. If they want to lose 10 pounds, they cut sugar, chocolate and soda completely out of their diets. If they want to boost their closed transactions, they go all out, spending all day calling their databases. While this motivation is great in the beginning, it’s not sustainable over the long run because it sets you up for burnout and failure. However, by making small changes and building upon them, you’re in a better position to make permanent long-term changes that will foster your success. Here are five reasons why small changes are better: Continue reading

What Do Sellers Want?

Sellers nowadays may be more informed, but they still want your help navigating the real estate process.


Today’s sellers are different from the sellers of a decade ago. Homeowners who are interested in selling their homes have a world of information at their fingertips. The Internet is flush with information about selling and statistics about the market. Although sellers may have more information available to them now than they have in the past, they still need your expertise to guide them through the process of marketing and selling their homes. Continue reading

What Do Buyers Want?

Use your knowledge and experience to guide your buyers through the real estate process.

Unlike the buyers of yesteryear, today’s buyers start their home searches online before contacting a real estate agent to get more information about the home and the market in general. The Internet is the go-to source of information about home values, mortgages, overviews of neighborhoods and basically everything that a buyer would want to know about a property before buying a home. While today’s buyers have a wealth of information at their fingertips, they still need you to help them find a great home and guide them through the process. Continue reading

Improve Your Focus

Exercise is a great way to improve your focus.

Many of us find it difficult to achieve our goals, not because we lack motivation, but because we lack focus. Maintaining focus is essential if we want to complete the goals we’ve set for our businesses and personal lives. Without focus, we become easily distracted and turn our attention to the small, unimportant tasks that come up during the day. Although succumbing to distractions may not deter us from our goals if it happens once, letting it happen more often can deter us from what we set out to do. Continue reading

5 Ways to Stay on Target to Reach Your Goals

If you follow these suggestions, you’re sure to stay on target to reach your goals.


Although you set goals with intention of reaching them, as time goes by, it becomes easy to fall off track, especially when priorities shift or emergencies arise that cause you to lose focus. For example, you may have a goal of running a marathon, but if life’s demands make it difficult to squeeze in a daily run, it’s going to be very difficult to run a full marathon when the time comes. If you don’t correct your path in time, reaching your goals becomes very difficult. However, following these suggestions may help you to maintain your motivation to succeed and prevent you from falling off course. Continue reading

3 Ways to Help Your Sellers Navigate the New Era of Housing

Use your professional expertise to guide your sellers through the new era of real estate.


Selling a home today is much different from selling a few years ago. Many homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes longer instead of selling, either because their homes are worth less than they were when they bought them or because they wish to enjoy the equity they have built in the home over the years. Although many people decide to put their homes on the market, it’s not because they want to sell per se, it’s because they want to move, whether they want to upsize, downsize, move to a new location or for another reason. Continue reading

3 Ways to Build Your Relationships

Build strong, lasting relationships with your database to ensure high quality leads.

So, you want to enjoy a stream of reliable leads without having to spend all of your time and money on promotional advertising that may not produce the results you want? Then, work by referral. Working by referral allows you to generate leads by providing excellent service to your best clients. You’re able to increase you leads through the relationships you build with your database. When you rely on referrals for the majority of your leads, it’s essential to build strong, lasting relationships. Here are a few tips. Continue reading