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3 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Buyers

Although today’s buyers are different from the ones in the past, they still want one thing–guidance from you to help them navigate the real estate process.


Today’s buyers are a different breed. The Internet provides up-to-date information about the housing marketing, their home’s value and their credit scores and history. In short, today’s buyers are more educated than they have been in the past. Although they have all of the information that they desire at their fingertips, today’s buyers still need the advice and guidance of an experienced real estate professional. Continue reading

The #1 Reason to Become the Real Estate Expert of Your Community


As a real estate agent, you probably live in the area where you do most of your business. While your experience living in the area provides insight into the local area that out-of-town clients may find valuable, your experience as an agent has helped your clients understand the real estate process and understand the local market. However, today’s buyers and sellers are savvy about the local and national real estate markets: they watch the news, read articles from experts and search online to learn more about real estate. They know what it takes to buy and sell a home and many have an idea of how the process will go. These educated buyers and sellers don’t need you, right? Wrong! In fact, they probably need your expertise even more. Continue reading

Promotion: Are You Doing it Right?

According the National Association of REALTORS, real estate agents and brokers spent a median of $590 on marketing and $640 on business promotion in 2012. This breaks down to a median total of 20% of their budgets. As a real estate professional, marketing and promotion is essential to your business. And while traditional promotion has its place, relational promotion is where you should spend most of your time and money, especially if you work by referral. The reason is simple: People are more likely to trust a referral from someone close to them than a billboard or advertisement. Continue reading

3 Tasks to Delegate Today

You want to be more productive, but you keep getting bogged down by the little things that come up, like printing off your monthly marketing letters, buying stamps or creating and printing flyers. Or, maybe you keep getting distracted by the fires that pop up during the day. Although these little things have to get done, they tend to be time consuming, which prevents you from focusing your attention on what’s important—growing your business so that it can thrive. It’s impossible to build a business if you can’t dedicate your attention to serving your clients and generating more referrals. If you find yourself caught up in tasks that distract you from generating leads, it’s time to hire help and delegate them to an assistant. Continue reading

5 Ways to be More Positive Today

Follow these tips to boost your outlook!


Break out of your negative rut and start thinking positively today! Optimists tend to be healthier physically and mentally than their negative counterparts, live longer and suffer from less stress. It pays to “always look on the bright side of life.” Be more positive today with these five helpful tips: Continue reading

How to Plan When You Hate Schedules


How do you feel about planning?

a. Planning is great. I always know what I have to do each day.
b. Planning is okay. I know I need to do it, but I don’t always remember.
c. Planning is a drag. I know I should do it, but it just cramps my style. I hate being told what to do even if I’m the one telling me what to do.

If you answered B or C, this post is intended to change your perception of planning. Scheduling is not a prison sentence, nor will it infringe upon your freedom. On the contrary, scheduling allows you to enjoy more freedom in your day. It also allows you to focus on your priorities so that you can be more productive and get more done. That’s not so bad, is it? Continue reading

5 People You Need to Introduce to Sellers

A reputable contractor can get your seller’s home ready for its market debut.

Did you know that working with sellers gives you a great opportunity to show off your character and competence? It’s true. Not only are you able to use your skills as a real estate professional, you can also connect your sellers with reputable professionals in your network. Before many sellers put their homes on the market, they undertake home improvement projects to boost their home’s value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Who can you connect your sellers with? Here are a few suggestions: Continue reading

3 Tips to Become More Punctual

You don’t have to be a clock-watcher to be more punctual, but you do have to become more aware of your time.

Many people struggle with punctuality. Being late once or twice happens to all of us; however, if you’re constantly late, it can damage your reputation as a professional, as it makes the other person feel as if you don’t respect their time. This isn’t the impression you want to leave with current and potential clients or even friends and loved ones. Although it may be difficult at first, with practice you can adjust your habits and learn to be more punctual. Improve your ability to be on-time with these tips: Continue reading

Sell Like A Pro

Do your goals for 2014 include generating more leads and closing more sales? When you work by referral, your leads come in the form of referrals from past or current clients, friends, family and people within your network. You earn referrals by offering great service to your clients. You may say, “Oh, I’m not really a salesperson; I just really enjoy helping people.” Truth is, for the Consummate Sales Pro, there is no difference between sales and service. When Pros provide their clients with great service, they are selling to them. They’re selling their expertise, their experience and the services they provide. Continue reading

4 Healthy Habits that May Boost Your Productivity

Load up on whole foods to give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its best.


How do you jumpstart your mornings or overcome the 3pm energy slump that many of us experience? If you’re like most people, you probably start your day with a cup or two of coffee. In the afternoon, you may pour another cup of coffee or reach for a soda or candy bar for a short-lived sugar rush. Caffeine and sugar are only a temporary fix for morning and midafternoon sluggishness. Instead of pouring another cup of coffee or digging around for loose change to get a treat from the vending machine, try these suggestions. Not only will you be more energized, you’ll also find that you’re more productive. Continue reading