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3 Essentials: Brian Buffini’s Referral System

By surrounding yourself with positive and successful people, you’ll become successful, too.

All salespeople strive to achieve business success, but for many, it may remain an elusive goal. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Developing good habits, establishing the right mindset and committing to a system are surefire ways to set you on the path to a thriving business. Continue reading

How to Use Social Media to Engage with Your Clients

Stay connected to your clients and professional network with the right social media platform.

Social media is a great way to stay connected to your clients and other professionals that you know. Each social network has its benefits. However, for people who are unfamiliar with all of the choices in social media, it can be difficult to figure out which site or sites will best fit their needs. Don’t worry; we have you covered! Continue reading

Become a More Effective Real Estate Agent in 7 Steps

Workshops and seminars will help you to become a more effective real estate agent.

Make 2014 your best year ever, staring now. True, it’s not the new year yet, but now is the time to plant those seeds that will bring you success. While some of these seeds include building the relationships that lead to referrals, the rest of the seeds involve developing the habits, attitude and skills that are essential to thrive. Continue reading

How to Network More Effectively

Networking is an essential skill for a real estate professional.

Real estate is a social profession, and as an agent you come into contact with a variety of people every day. Your profession puts you in the position of being the hub of your social network—the person that your clients rely on to connect them with a good landscaper, roofer or even babysitter. However, to connect people more effectively, it’s important to get to know each of the people in your database on a level beyond just their name and office phone number. Continue reading

5 Benefits of a Great CRM

A good CRM will help you to take your business to the next level.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? A CRM can help you get there! Customer Relationship Management software has become an essential tool for real estate agents. A good CRM will help you to run your business more efficiently so that you can spend more time on the activities that will earn you referrals. Continue reading

3 Opportunities to Ask for a Referral

Before you hand over those keys, be sure to ask for a referral.

Give. Ask. Receive. We advocate this three-pronged approach to our real estate agents who work by referral. While our agents have no problem giving—or serving their clients to the best of their abilities—or receiving referrals from their clients, many may find it difficult to ask for referrals. Continue reading

What Housing Shortage? Generate Your Own Listings!

In this housing shortage, you have to create your own inventory.

Have you heard? Many housing markets in the United States and parts of Canada are in the midst of a housing shortage right now. Although low mortgage rates and affordable home prices have lured more buyers—including boomerang buyers with improved credit—into the housing market, many of them are faced with increased competition for fewer homes. Continue reading

Manage Your Stress in 4 Easy Steps

Take a break during your day to help you manage your stress.

Show us an adult who’s never experienced stress and we’ll show you a unicorn. No one is immune from stress. While some types of stress feel good—think of the rush one gets from running a marathon or bungee jumping. However, other types of stress may take a terrible toll on our minds and bodies, especially if we’re dealing with chronic stress. Not all stress is bad stress; however, it’s important to nip your stressors in the bud before they lead to negative physical impacts. Continue reading

5 Ways to Educate Your Clients about the Local Real Estate Market

Keep your clients informed about the local market and you’ll help them to make wiser real estate decisions.


Real estate is a hot topic for many people, regardless of whether they’re in the market to buy or sell. When people grow bored of discussing the weather, they begin to talk about so-and-so down the street who has his home on the market or a co-worker who had to compete with several buyers when bidding on a home in a neighboring town. Since you’re the expert of your local real estate market, you can clear through the gossip and hearsay and drop some real knowledge. Share what you know with your clients and help to give them a clearer picture of the market, and the real estate industry in general. Continue reading