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Optimize Your Social Media Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving and the holiday season provide ample opportunities to connect with your clients over social media.

Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday season, so let’s get social! The holiday season offers an ideal time to connect with your clients and show that you care. In addition to calls, notes and Pop-Bys, social media offers a quick way to connect with your clients. It also allows you to exhibit your competence and character for your clients and their connections to see. Continue reading

4 Apps for Better Organization

Throw out the pen and paper; these apps are designed to keep you organized using only your smartphone.

As a real estate professional, you probably start your day with a few things that you ‘have to’ get done by day’s end. Then life hits, and your list grows to include about a million and one important and not-to-important tasks, items and random things that you have to remember. It can be hard to stay organized in these conditions, and the upcoming holiday season will make becoming organized imperative. Continue reading

3 Ways to Keep in Contact with Clients After the Transaction has Ended

Your contact with your clients shouldn’t end when the transaction ends. Find ways to be of value to them after the ink has dried.

Do you keep in touch with your clients after the sale is final? If you’re like many real estate professionals, you may not be as good at maintaining this relationship as you’d like to be. In fact, one of the biggest complaints of many past buyers and sellers is that their Realtors® fell off the face of the earth once the transaction closed. Your clients don’t want you to disappear—they want to maintain contact with you. Continue reading

Make Your Presentations Pop with These Programs

Today’s design-driven presentation programs turn basic statistics in to visually stunning slides.

Many agents prepare their listing presentations using PowerPoint, which has been the industry standard for a while. Well, move over Microsoft, there are some new programs vying for presentation domination. Although PowerPoint was once the big cheese, other presentation programs have popped up that offer tons of features for an optimal presentation experience. Continue reading

3 Essentials of a Great Listing Presentation

Show your professional edge with a well-executed listing presentation.

As a real estate agent, you’ve given several presentations in your career and may have the battle scars to prove it. The listing presentation is essential to securing great sellers to work with; however, it doesn’t need to be a source of stress. In fact, well-executed listing presentation provides you with a unique opportunity to demonstrate your competence and commitment to providing your clients with excellent care and service. It also allows you to set expectations from the beginning, which may help you to alleviate any potential communication challenges that may arise. Continue reading

Why You Should Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

Pinterest is a powerful visual platform that will help you build your brand.


If you’re like most agents, you use social media as a tool to market your business. Chances are, your social network of choice is Facebook. However, Pinterest is gaining ground with many real estate agents. Why? The image-based social network is the perfect medium for posting pictures and videos of listings as well as relevant information about the market, home design and tips about homeownership. Why should you start using Pinterest? Continue reading

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for Your Business

Engaging with your clients daily on social media will show your care and concern, and introduce you to their networks.

Social media is a helpful tool to connect with your clients and your professional network. While it doesn’t replace working by referral, it does serve as an excellent complement to it. So, how can you maximize your social media experience to benefit your clients and followers?

Continue reading

Become an E2 Agent in 10 Steps

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness and you’ll distinguish yourself from your competition.

You probably know an E2 agent, the kind of real estate agent who does the right things and does them well. They’re the models of productivity and their success leaves people wondering, “How does he/she do it?” Perhaps you aspire to become an E2 agent. Continue reading

4 Apps that Bring CAD to Your Smartphone

These Apps will help you accurately measure this kitchen, whether you’re planning a home sale or a renovation.


Put down that tape measure and retire it to the recesses of your junk drawer or hallway closet. These apps will replace your archaic measuring tape and deliver the best of CAD software to your smartphone and tablet. Who needs CAD software on your desktop computer when you have these apps? Continue reading

3 Ideas for a Fun Holiday Client Party to Fit Any Budget

Regardless of the type of client party you plan, cookies are a must.

If you haven’t hosted a client party yet this year, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to host one for your A+ and A clients. Client parties give you a chance to express your gratitude to your clients, while giving your clients the opportunity to network with others in the community. A great holiday party doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are three holiday client party ideas sure to fit any budget: Continue reading