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Financial Apps for Small Business

Track your finances from your smartphone with these apps.

Real estate agents, like other independent contractors, are a liberated group of people—liberated from the 9-5 grind, liberated from a stringent schedule and also liberated from a steady paycheck. While your paydays may be larger than those of the average cubicle dweller, they’re also much less regular. Although you may have transactions in the pipeline, you may not be sure when that money will make an appearance in your bank account. And unfortunately, most bill collectors don’t operate on a pay-when-you-can schedule, which makes tracking your expenses an important habit to get into. Luckily, these apps take the guesswork (and headache) out of expense tracking. Continue reading

Earn Like a Pro

Keeping track of your finances will help you to achieve your financial goals.

If you’re like many agents, you got into real estate because you liked the idea of being your own boss. You’re free of the 9 to 5 grind that afflicts the rest of the working population. You’re an independent contractor—independent of a boss, but also independent of a predictable income. While you may not be able to rely on a steady paycheck, it is possible to achieve your financial dreams—you just have to earn like a pro. Continue reading

3 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

Resist the urge to ease up on your lead generation. Instead, take advantage of the season to reconnect with your clients.

Just because it’s the fourth quarter of the year doesn’t mean it’s time to slow your momentum. Now is not the time to hibernate until January. The final quarter of the year offers the perfect opportunity to set the stage for next year. Remember, the seeds you sow now may blossom into referrals next year. Continue reading

4 Tips to Boost Your Leads During Pop-By Season

A quick phone call before a Pop-By will ensure that your client will be home.

Many agents make the mistake of putting lead generation on the back burner at the end of the year, not realizing that the season provides tons of opportunities to connect with their clients. Think about it: The last three months of the year feature four major holidays—Halloween, Thankgiving, Chanukah and Christmas—that provide the perfect excuse to contact your clients to show your care and concern for them. Continue reading

3 Benefits of a Vibrant Database

A vibrant database gives you the opportunity to nurture your best relationships.

When you work by referral, every person you meet is a potential advocate for your business; a person who you can rely on to send you reliable referrals. Since relationships help your business to thrive, you can grow and nurture your relationships with your clients by maintaining consistent communication with them through monthly marketing flyers and emails, phone calls, personal notes and Pop-Bys. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Update Your Database Every Year

Refresh your database regularly so that you can focus your energy on your best clients.

When is the last time you refreshed your database? Many agents input their clients’ information into their databases once and never update that information again. The real estate industry is all about relationships, and as such, your relationships with your clients will change over time. You’ll get to know them better as they celebrate and endure the many changes that occur in life. Keeping this information up-to-date ensures that you’re able to meet all of their needs, and the best way to do so is to revisit the information a few times a year. Continue reading

How to Incorporate Pinterest into Your Marketing

Pinterest allows you to market yourself and your listings in a visually pleasing format.


Real estate agents have embraced social media as a way to market themselves and their listings. While the social networking site of choice is Facebook, many agents have started using Pinterest to market properties. Pinterest is more than DIY craft how-tos and children’s party planning ideas; the growing social media site is a great option to showcase stunning interior design and architectural features, and even post listings. Continue reading

How to Give Your Clients a Great Real Estate Experience

Keep in regular contact with your buyers and sellers to avoid the common communication issues.

The most successful real estate agents are experts at communication and negotiation. However, even the experts encounter difficult situations, often due to preventable misunderstandings that can spring up during the transaction. The nature of real estate requires many people to have a finger in the transactional pie, which inevitably creates more opportunity for communication breakdowns between the parties involved. As the hub of each real estate transaction, you are in the unique position to improve your clients’ experiences and help to prevent delays and communication problems. Continue reading

Recharge Now to Improve Your Business

Recharge your internal battery with a bike ride.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel drained? You may not be sneezing and feverish, but perhaps you just feel off? You may have drained your battery—your internal battery, that is. When we work, work, work without a break, it can have damaging effects on our health and energy, even if we feel that we’re being productive. It’s impossible to offer your clients your best service and grow your business if you’re burned out. If your energy has reached new lows, it may be best for your health and your business to take some time to recharge your internal battery. Continue reading

4 Ideas for a Memorable Fall Client Party

Connect with your clients this autumn with a seasonally-themed client party.

The autumn is the perfect time to host a client party for your A+ and A clients. Client parties are a great way to thank your clients for their business. They also provide an opportunity for your best clients to network with one another, a service that reinforces your position as the hub of their networks. If you haven’t hosted a party this year, what are you waiting for? Continue reading