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10 More Unforgettable Pop-By Ideas

An ice cream scoop is a low-cost, useful Pop-By gift.

Remember how surprised and happy you were when your co-worker surprised you with your favorite coffee drink? Didn’t it make you feel special that they thought of you? Did you post a photo on Facebook or Twitter, singing the praises of your awesome co-worker? Your clients feel the same way when you pop by their home or place of work with a small gift to let them know you’re thinking of them. Continue reading

15 Great Pop-By Ideas

Pop-by with a small bag of freshly baked treats as a way to show your clients that you care, and to remind them that “you’re never too business for referrals!”

When is the last time you popped by to one of your favorite clients? Pop-Bys are an important part of working by referral. They show your clients that you’re thinking of them, which in turn may encourage them think of you when a friend or family member is in the market to buy or sell property.

Despite being great for business, many real estate professionals are nervous to drop off a Pop-By item because they’re not sure what to give their clients. They may also worry that they’re spending too much or too little on the item and the client will notice. The good news is that the gift itself doesn’t matter; what does matter is that you’ve taken the time to stop in and see how they’re doing. With Pop-Bys, it’s truly the thought that counts. Continue reading

What is a Pop-By?

Pop-By gifts need not be expensive. A box of chocolates is a great Pop-By gift for your A+ clients.

Has anyone ever given you a small gift as a token of appreciation for something that you did? Perhaps your automobile repair shop gave you an ice scraper before winter. Or maybe your neighbor gave you chocolates from her vacation as a token of appreciation for feeding her pets while she was gone. How did it make you feel?

Pop-Bys are way to deepen your relationships with your clients and express care and gratitude. Continue reading

How to Cultivate Great Clients

Taking the time to develop deep relationships with your best clients may help your business thrive.

Clients are like plants—with water, sunlight and attention, they will blossom and may send shoots to form new plants. Similarly, calls, personal notes and Pop-Bys help your clients to become strong advocates for your business. The process takes time and consistent contact with your A+ and A clients; however, the time you spend building and nurturing these relationships will help your business grow and thrive. Continue reading

5 Ways to Show Your A+ Clients That You Care

Spend time with your A+ clients to show them that you care and appreciate their referrals.

When is the last time you took an A+ client to lunch to thank them for sending a referral your way? Did you find that they had become even bigger advocates of your business? Did they send more referrals to you? While it’s not necessary to take every client who sends a referral to you to lunch, it is important to give special attention to these clients to show your gratitude. Continue reading

4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Referral Maker Marketing System

Get more out of your Referral Maker Marketing System monthly mailing by following up with your best clients.

You’ve received your box of Referral Maker Marketing System™ monthly marketing materials in the mail, stuffed the envelopes and sent these two-sided marketing flyers to your database. Now is the time to sit back and let the referrals roll in, right? Wrong! Sending out your marketing flyers is only the beginning. Continue reading

Why Relational Marketing Gives You the Competitive Advantage

Referral Maker CRM makes it easy and fun to generate the meaningful contacts necessary for a consistent stream of leads.

When was the last time you received a phone call or mail from someone you knew? Chances are you stayed on the line to chat or read that piece of mail because you had a relationship with the sender. Continue reading

The Simplest, Most Effective Marketing System, EVER

Our two-sided marketing flyers are beautifully designed and contain information that your clients are sure to find interesting enough to pass on to their family and friends.

When agents begin their careers in real estate, they’re often told that the best ways to generate leads are to make endless cold calls (enduring voicemail, hang ups and cussing—oh my!), send out mailers (that may or may not be read) to every house in every neighborhood and put their faces and phone numbers on billboards, park benches and shopping carts to drum up business. None of these strategies is very effective and can leave the agent feeling burnt out, frustrated and ready to quit the business. Continue reading

What’s Your Target Number of Transactions?

The best time to ask for a referral from a client is when you’re currently working with them.

The best time to ask for a referral from a client is when you’re currently working with them.

If you’re like many professionals, you may find yourself falling into the trap of setting vague, immeasurable goals for your business. This makes it difficult to track of your progress and see if you’re close to being where you need to be in order to reach your dreams. As a result, you may feel burned out, disappointed and/or frustrated at the end of the year, and wondering why you’re no closer to accomplishing your goals than you were last year. Continue reading

Duplicate Your Current Clients with the Referral Dialogue

The best time to ask for a referral from a client is when you’re currently working with them.

The best time to ask for a referral from a client is when you’re currently working with them.

Who are the best advocates for your business? Your current clients! Having a transaction in progress puts you in frequent contact with them, which positions you at the forefront of their minds. Continue reading