20 Most Inspiring Tweets from MasterMind 2014

At MasterMind 2014, Brian Buffini and guest speakers Aron Ralston, John O'Leary and J'aime Nowak taught us to live a more inspired life.

At MasterMind 2014, Brian Buffini and guest speakers Aron Ralston, John O’Leary and J’aime Nowak taught us to live a more inspired life.

This year at MasterMind Summit, our annual personal growth event with Brian Buffini and special guests, we learned how to live an inspired life! There was some great chatter across the Twittersphere, so we thought we’d roundup the 20 most inspiring tweets and share them with you. Enjoy!

Missed MasterMind? You can still see Brian Buffini live or via pay-per-view at our New York Success Tour real estate event on September 9-10!

1. Paula Langille ‏@paulalangille Aug 18
Loving #MMSD14! Belief and inspiration is built into you! Keep plugging in and you’ll keep being inspired! See it! Say it! Seize it!

2. Tad Navle@tadnavle Aug 19
Thank you for giving me permission to look deeper into myself so I can use that to help others. #mmsd14 is so powerful

3. Jeff Reid ‏@Pilgrmtheolgian Aug 19
You’re not fully living life unless you’re taking others forward with you. Paraphrase from @brianbuffini. #MMSD14 #TheGoodLife

4. Marilyn Cunningham ‏@marcunningham Aug 19
Part of your past is the fuel of your future. I did it before, I can do it again better! #MMSD14 #nutritarian

5. Jeannie Butler@JeannieSButler Aug 19
#MMSD14 At the Cheese Factory. Everyone ordering salads & substituting the meat w/beans. Yea Dr Furhman

6. Bic DeCaro@Bdecaro Aug 19
Savor the moments: Your attention is your most valuable possession. Ordinary moments are the true magic of life. Thx @jaimenowak! #MMSD14

7. Rick Ramirez ‏@AZRealtorGuy Aug 19
Celebrating my 10th MM. This will be the one I call “The Game Changer ” when I tell MY story. Thank you for everything, Brian! #MMSD14

8. Nathan Malakoff ‏@TheRussianMonk Aug 19
What more could I do? I plan to start asking myself this question every night. Then take action every AM! Thanks to John O’Leary at #MMSD14

9. Susan Hayes Culleton ‏@SusanHayes_ Aug 19
Takeaways #MMSD14 – The good life does not come knocking on your door, you have to leave your door to find it… But it’s there.

10. Manda Hall@dresswpurpose Aug 19
13 years of attending Mastermind Summit and even better 24 years of marriage today, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else with my hubby! #MMSD14

11. Angela the REALTOR®@REALTOR_Angela Aug 19
@RisingAboveJohn I was at #mmsd14 to hear you speak yesterday. I left with such an incredible feeling in my heart asking #whatmorecanido

12. Lynn Vardy@LynnVardy Aug 19
We choose to make our struggles a triumph or tragedy – great quote Aron Ralston. Watch themovie 127 Hours to learn Aron’s triumph. #MMSD14

13. Abbey Robertson@AbbeyR Aug 18
Loved message from speaker @RisingAboveJohn today. Feeling inspired to be a better person right now. #MMSD14

14. Aurora Colello@AuroraColello Aug 18
SUPER INSPIRING day w/@brianbuffini! A family that goes to Mastermind together #INSPIRES together!! :) #MMSD14 pic.twitter.com/1xpWG4dIXc

15. Ben Finckel@BFinckel Aug 18
“Heroes are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances” Inspired at #MMSD14 ! pic.twitter.com/r0WrW6F6Ec

16. Sarah Padgett@spsellshouses Aug 18
“Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” ~Tim Duncan #MMSD14

17. Kirti D.@DiyaMarketing Aug 18
“Charisma is the ability to connect with people and build relationships.” #MMSD14

18. Eric Deeter ‏@EricDeeter Aug 18
Don’t say, “I can’t take it anymore.” It turns out you can. #MMSD14

19. Duncan McLeod ‏@DuncMcLeod Aug 20
Best MM yet! Can’t wait for MM15. I loved hearing Aron’s, John’s & J’Aime’s stories. Buff Daddy was on his game !!#MMSD14

20. Earl Endrich ‏@TeamEndrich Aug 22
Finally flying back from my first Mastermind. It’s been a life altering experience. Excited to get home and fight some boulders #MMSD14

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