Spring Brings New Updates and Product Enhancements

New improvements to Referral Maker CRM

With spring, comes new updates and product enhancements for The Pathway to Mastery —Essentials and Referral Maker CRM. Here’s a list of the latest improvements you’ll see in both of these products.

The Pathway to Mastery — Essentials

  • Rolling Module Access: Mentors/Facilitators and On Demand Students will now be able to go back and watch past modules during the nine weeks of the course. With the new rolling module access, a new module will open each week and then remain unlocked until the end of the class.
  • Post Tracking Reports: We know that the effects of our training program may not be realized until after the program has ended.  We have updated the Reports section to show the continued results for students under the Post” section of Reports.
  • Increased Postpone allotment:  We have increased the amount of postpones from 2 to 4 times.
  • Changed dates listed on modules: We have changed the verbiage on the class modules to reflect the date the modules are available.

Referral Maker CRM

  • Referral Maker PRO membership up-sell: This allows Referral Maker CRM members to automatically upgrade to Referral Maker PRO membership within the web app.
  • Client Direct & Personalization up-sell:  This allows Referral Maker PRO members to automatically add-on Personalization or Personalization + Client Direct within the web app.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and enhancements to all of Buffini and Company’s products, throughout the year. If you have any suggestions or improvements that you would like to see, please tell us about them! Email the Product Development Team at buffiniproduct@buffiniandcompany.com.

What’s New This Week?

Referral Maker Training Videos in the Members Area!

These training videos are prerecorded webinars that cover the many different sections in Referral Maker® CRM. You can find them in the Members Area, under Resource Library, select Videos.

Referral Maker Webinar Video Page


Bug Fix Alert –

The Unsubscribe Report tab was missing for our Referral Maker CRM members. The Unsubscribe Report tab is now available.

Unsubscribe Report


For Pathway to Mastery Students – The weekly report for Module 8 was missing for some students. This issue has been resolved and all students can now see their weekly report for Module 8.

Here at Buffini & Company our Product Development Team is committed to creating excellence that you can find in all of our products. If you have any suggestions or improvements that you would like to see, please tell us about them! Email the Product Development Team at buffiniproduct@buffiniandcompany.com

Just Released – New Enhancements and Bug Fixes!

We’ve rolled out quite a few enhancements and bug fixes! You’ll find these updates in our new training program The Pathway to Mastery — Essentials and in Referral Maker® CRM.

The Pathway to Mastery — Essentials

  • Removed Intro Module Dates:  The Intro Module is intended to be watched before the class starts and is not part of the actual class. We have removed the dates listed for the Intro Module.
  • Added Week to the Reports:  We’ve added the current week to the weekly reports so that it could be easily identified when looking at the reports.
  • In-Class Students – Removed Video Times:  We have removed the video times for in-class students because they do not have access to the weekly videos.
  • Changed “Certify Me” to “Complete” for Certification:  We changed the language from “Certify Me” to “Complete”
  • Changed Class Capacity Limit:   We’ve increased the class capacity limit to: up to 200 students.  Previously this was limited to 50.
  • Bug Fix:  “Class has not started” Message:  This resolves an issues with the “Class has not started” message showing up even though the class has started.
  • Bug Fix: Module Dates off for iOS:  This resolves a bug where the module dates for iOS devices were off by a day.
  • Bug Fix:  Postpone Class:  This resolves a bug with postponing a class. The limit is now set to 2 times.
  • Bug Fix:  Postpone Class Dates:  This resolves an issue with the dates not updating when a Mentors/Facilitators postpones a class.

Referral Maker CRM

  • Image Resizing for emails:  You now have the ability to add any size image to emails, without it auto resizing.
  • Bug Fix: Outlook Contact Sync:  This resolves an issue with duplicate contacts caused by Outlook Ids.

Keep coming back to the Referral Maker CRM Blog! We love keeping our members aware of all the updates we release.

For questions, contact our Client Care Team at 1-800-945-3485 x 1 or email clientcare@buffiniandcompany.com

Referral Maker CRM Mobile App now Includes Transactions


You heard that right! You can now access your transactions in the Referral Maker® CRM mobile app. Running your business on the go just got that much easier. First, get the latest version of the app installed. Next, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the app to check out this awesome new feature.

Transactions in mobile app

The new Transactions feature lets you add, edit and delete your transactions right from your phone or tablet. Updating  transaction details in real time, ensures you don’t miss anything you hear while meeting with your clients.  Also, whatever you save in the app will be visible on the desktop version and vice versa.

Transaction Status

New App Features Keep Coming!

Another great app enhancement that we are pleased to announce is the new Saved feature for the Pop By Map. You have the power to plan your day ahead of time by saving the Relationships you want to Pop By, later.


Additional features you may see in the newest version of the app include:

  • A new Rolodex for iPhone users to navigate through their contact list
  • The ability to copy & paste text to use in emails, text messages and other applications
  • We’ve expanded the Activity subject line character limit to 200 + characters
  • Clicking on an email address will now open in a new tab allowing you to navigate back and forth between the app and email
  • We’ve created a mobile app walk-thru that’s available to brand new users.

Being out in the field is a big part of working in real estate.  You have to be organized and stay on top of all the different aspects of your transactions while maintaining and growing your relationships. The mobile app is here to keep you on track and focused when you are away from the office.

Bug Fix Alert!

Our developers are hard at work making sure that Referral Maker is running in tip top shape. They’ve recently fixed an issue with the Google/Outlook calendar sync. We are now supporting special characters in calendar events that were causing the issues.

The Blog is Now Available in the CRM!

The Referral Maker® CRM Blog is now available right from your Dashboard! We’re making it easier to receive updates and useful content without having to leave your CRM. Simply login and scroll down the Dashboard page to check it out.

 Referral Maker Blog (3)

The Referral Maker blog is a great added value to your CRM. In the blog we post about our latest and greatest enhancements and other exciting news that’s intended to keep you fired up all year long!

Need Referral Maker training?

If training is what you’re looking for, you’ve got to sign up for a Live Webinar with Baha Eldin. These training sessions are jam packed with tips and how to’s designed to help you get the most out of your membership. To see the upcoming training topics and to get registered, simply click the “Register for training” link found on the bottom right side of your Dashboard or visit www.referralmaker.com/training

What’s New for Referral Maker CRM Members?


Check out the brand new Buffini & Company Members Area for Referral Maker CRM Members.

Whether you’re brand new to your Referral Maker CRM Membership or you’ve been using the system for a while, the Members Area has something for everyone! Click the “Members Area” icon in the top right corner of Referral Maker CRM.

Members Area

Get membership updates direct from our CEO Dermot Buffini, along with information about training programs, events and different membership levels.
We’ve also created an easy to follow 3 step On-Boarding process designed to help you understand Buffini & Company’s “Work By Referral” philosophies and get you on track to load, sort, & qualify your database in Referral Maker CRM.

Members Area - CRM

Access your Resource Library with tips, ideas and other great content to help you keep in touch with your Relationships. You can also tap into your Business Tools which include; Referral Maker CRM, an Online Business Analysis, and the Buffini Referral Network.



Planning a Holiday Client Party? Use RMCRM to Help you Plan it!

3 Ways to Promote Your Business During the Holiday Season

Planning a holiday party? Holiday parties are a great way to connect with a large share of your clients at one time. It allows you to chat with each one, thank them for their business and referrals and remind them you’re never too busy for more. Since the holidays are right around the corner, now is the time to start planning, especially if you plan on hosting it at a restaurant or other venue. Often, venues begin to fill up. There may be a lot you need to get done between now and the start of the party; luckily, Referral Maker CRM has your back and will help you keep it all straight. Continue reading

Attention, attention: Here are the latest updates to Referral Maker CRM


We've updated Referral Maker CRM

This week, we’re launching the following updates to Referral Maker CRM.

We’ve fixed:
Issues with special characters. You may have noticed if a special character was used in the title of an Outlook Calendar event, Referral Maker got confused and may not have imported the event. Well, we’ve fixed it! Now you can use all the special characters you wish and Referral Maker will import it as usual.

Collapsing Transactions

Easy-to-read transaction fields. We broke up the transaction fields into sections, making it easier to read and use.
You may have also noticed (especially if you’re a Refiner according to the Heritage Profile) that the language used in the billing and mailing address sections within your Login profile are now consistent.
We’re always working on ways to make your Referral Maker CRM experience even better! Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more.

Get in Touch with Your Best Clients

Clever fall pop-by ideas

Now is a great time to check in with your clients, whether you’re currently working with them on a transaction or you haven’t spoken in a few months (or all year, for that matter). The autumn is an ideal time to check in with your clients, especially if you haven’t been as consistent in your communication as you should have been (no judgment, but make it a point to get back on track…and use Referral Maker CRM  to help!).

Need a reason to connect?
If you work by referral, your relationships drive your business. Therefore, it’s vital to stay in touch consistently so that you’re always at the top of mind of your clients, especially the ones that are likely to refer you. You know the ones—they’ll sing your praises to everyone they know and refer you as soon as they hear or overhear that someone is thinking of buying or selling. Plus, staying in touch with your clients will provide insight into new ways to serve them. You can find out if they need the name of a reputable plumber or roofer and answer any questions they have about their home’s value. Regular communication will help you exert your expertise, show care and concern and help you maintain a high level of professionalism.

How to get in touch
Calls: The quickest way to reach out is to pick up the phone and chat with your favorite clients. Many people complain that their agent fell off the face of the earth after the transaction closed—don’t be that agent! Pick up the phone. Not sure who to call? Just look at your Referral Maker CRM Dashboard to see who’s up for the day. If you’re not sure what to say, Referral Maker CRM has tons of proven dialogues to get you warmed up.

Notes: Who doesn’t love getting mail that isn’t a mass mailing or a bill? A handwritten note is sure to make someone’s day. They’re touched that someone took the time to write a special message just to them. It only takes a few minutes to write. Break out the 50 notes that come with your Referral Maker Marketing Kit each month and get writing. If you’re stuck on what to write, go to Referral Maker for some great ideas to get started!

Pop-Bys: These are small, thoughtful tokens of appreciation that you deliver to your best clients. Don’t get caught up trying to think of just the right thing. Of course you can tailor the gift to the client if the occasion calls for it; however, universal items will also be greatly appreciated by your clients. Affix a tag, found in Referral Maker CRM, and your business card so they know who it’s from. If you’re delivering a perishable item, call first to make sure they’re home.

Coffee or lunch: Break bread with your favorite clients for an hour or so. Login to Referral Maker and see your list of A+ clients. Then, give them a call and set up a coffee or lunch date. This allows you to get face-to-face and enjoy a bit of conversation. You’ll get to know them better and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Client party: Connect with a large portion of your database at once while you take advantage of the spirit of the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner; what better time to host a party and thank your clients at once. If you plan on hosting a party, now is the time to start planning as venues and people’s schedules will fill up fast.

Remember, Referral Maker can help you stay in touch with your best clients. When you consistently contact your clients, you’re always sowing the seeds for more business.