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Help Your Clients Refer You

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It’s the relationships with your clients and the referrals they give you that drive your business. It’s essential to stay at the top of mind and become their trusted advisor by continuing to build trust. You build trust by sending valuable information each month. Not only will this help you separate yourself from the competition; you’ll also continue to establish yourself as the go-to real estate expert of your community. The more you focus on building relationships with your clients, the more likely they’ll be to refer you. Make it easy for them to refer you by following these tips: Continue reading

How to Build Your Vibrant Database

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A vibrant database is essential to a thriving business. How to you build a vibrant database? It’s simple: by growing and nurturing your relationships through consistent communication. That is, you have to make sure you mail your marketing items each month, call your clients to check in, write personal notes and deliver Pop-Bys to your top clients. Continue reading

5 Steps for Higher Productivity

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Many agents work tirelessly, often skipping lunch and staying late, to check off all the boxes on the day’s to-do list. They repeat the cycle day in and day out for weeks at a time and then wonder why they’re feeling burned out and tired all the time. They may also wonder why they’re not seeing results. The more you work the better the results you’ll have, right? Not so much. The key to productivity isn’t working more; it’s being smarter with the hours you have. It’s about creating structure, delegating tasks and embracing the word “no” all to help you manage your energy so you can give your clients the best service you offer. Continue reading

Get in Touch with Your Clients This Spring with These Pop-Bys

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Now is a great time to pop by to your favorite clients with a special, spring-themed treat to thank them for their business and referrals (and remind them you’re never too busy for more!). Spring is seen as the busiest time of the market as many buyers start their search for a new home and sellers begin to prepare their homes to list. Think of it this way: Just as you plant the seeds for your flowers and vegetables in the spring, so too should you plant the seeds for referrals. Here are a few seasonal Pop-By ideas to get started. Continue reading

Now is the Time to Sow the Seeds for More Referrals

Sow the seeds for more referrals


If you want to start 2017 on a high note, it’s essential to generate leads now. While many agents begin to wind down their businesses as many markets slow down heading into the winter months, the most successful agents continue to generate leads from now until the end of the year. That’s not to say they keep their noses to the grindstone and work all the time. Instead, they do what they do best—offer their clients the highest level of service…and ask for referrals. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Connect Your Clients to Your Network




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The end of summer is a time when many homeowners take on projects around the home, whether they’re finally getting around to painting or renovating the master bathroom. Retailers often take advantage of this opportunity and have sales around this time of year in an effort to capture the business of homeowners who weren’t able to get around to it earlier in the year. It also provides an opportunity for you to tap into your network and connect your clients with trusted service professionals and tradesmen who can move the project along. If you haven’t connected your clients to your network yet, what are you waiting for? Here are three reasons. Continue reading

Organize Your Relationships for Better Leads



Organize your relationships

When you work by referral, your relationships drive your business. Relationships are constantly growing and changing. As you connect with your clients and find ways to serve them before, during and after the sale, those relationships will grow and improve. They’ll begin to refer you to their family and friends, and you’ll have more great clients to serve. Continue reading

Thank Your Clients for Their Referrals

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When you work by referral, your relationships drive your business. You offer your clients outstanding customer service and your clients are likely to refer you to their family and friends when they hear they need a real estate agent. However, unless you ask your clients to refer you to other great people like them, they may not remember when they hear a family member or friend is in the market to buy or sell. While the best time to ask for a referral is when you’re working with someone, you can ask for one anytime you speak with your clients. Continue reading

Did You Hear That? 3 Benefits of Listening

Listening has huge advantages in your business.

Listening has huge advantages in your business.

Are you a good listener? Listening is an important communication tool; one that can make or break your relationships, and if you work by referral, your business. It may sound obvious, but listening has many advantages. Here are a few… Continue reading

Cultivate an Attitude of Abundance

People with an attitude of abundance tend to be more successful than their scarcity-thinking peers

People with an attitude of abundance tend to be more successful than their scarcity-thinking peers

Many people have a scarcity mentality; that is, they feel that there’s not enough to go around for everyone. As a result, they’re stingy with sharing their contacts, grumble when they have to share recognition and let’s not even talk about money. People with a scarcity mentality are so protective over what is theirs (or what they perceive as theirs) that they’re unable to see the benefits of abundance.  Conversely, people with an abundance mentality are willing to share their contacts and resources with others. They’re the lovecats who are the first ones to connect people with others who can help them reach their dreams. As a result, people gravitate toward them and are eager to work with them. Here’s how to develop a mindset of abundance: Continue reading