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Use Referral Maker CRM to help you with your next listing appointment



Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, you know one thing for sure: being well-prepared for a listing presentation is essential.  However, many agents may not prepare as much as they should; some may even wing it. Preparation shows your clients that you’re respectful of their time and also prevents you from forgetting to mention important parts of the conversation. Continue reading

Thinking of Hosting a Client Party? Here Are Some Ideas



The autumn is the perfect time to host a client party. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves on the trees (in many parts of the country) are changing and people are eager to socialize. And unlike the busy holiday season, many people are available on the weekends. If you want to host a client party, here are a few ideas to get you started. Continue reading

Master Your Team’s Marketing with Referral Maker CRM for Teams

Referral Maker CRM for Teams Marketing Materials


Marketing is an important part of branding your business. Although most of your business comes from the referrals of your best clients, your marketing pieces reinforce your expertise and allow you and your team to stay on the minds of your best clients.

However, when you work within a team, it can be difficult to ensure the team’s marketing materials are uniform and consistent with your brand and message. Luckily, Referral Maker® CRM for Teams has your back with our new Marketing feature!

Create Uniform Marketing Materials for Your Team
Referral Maker CRM for Teams makes it easy to quickly create email and letter templates that meet your branding standards, messaging and key points. This helps ensure clear communication with your team’s clients.

Push Materials to Your Team
Once you’ve created your templates, Referral Maker CRM for Teams allows you to push these templates to your team members. The templates take the guesswork out of your team’s marketing—they don’t have to create their own materials. Instead, they can lean into yours and spend their time doing something more enjoyable and productive—serving their clients.

Ensure Consistent Communication
It’s no secret that consistency is the key to success. When you’re consistent in your communication, you build trust with your clients. The Marketing feature of Referral Maker CRM for Teams helps to ensure your team is consistent in their communication with their clients.

Are you using Referral Maker CRM for Teams? If not, what are you waiting for? Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information and to sign up today.

Have You Downloaded Referral Maker Mobile Yet?

Referral Maker Mobile allows you to work anywhere

Referral Maker Mobile allows you to work anywhere


If not, what are you waiting for? Referral Maker® Mobile makes it easy to stay in touch with clients and manage your business while you’re on the go. We understand that, as a busy real estate agent, you have more important things to do than stay at your desk all day inputting information and checking things off your to-do list. You’re at your best when you’re out and about, meeting with clients, presenting your marketing strategy to your sellers and networking with other agents and meeting other local small business owners.

Continue reading

Get Social with Your Clients

Get on the phone and invite your clients to a client party.

Get on the phone and invite your clients to a client party.

The sun is shining and the temperatures are heating up—what better time to get social with your clients? Whether you’re planning a summer client party to thank your clients for their business and referrals or just ramping up your posts on social media, it’s clear that now is the time to make contact with your top clients. Continue reading

How to Deal with Negative People

5 tips to deal with the negative folks in your life.

5 tips to deal with the negative folks in your life.

We all have them in our lives—negative people. Although we can avoid associating with negative strangers and acquaintances, what can you do with the ones you can’t avoid due to blood, marriage or because they’re otherwise good people? Here are a few tips. Continue reading

Reach Out and Touch Base with Your Best Clients

Call your clients today!

Call your clients today!

When is the best time to contact your clients? Anytime! After all, how will they remember to refer you to their family and friends if they never hear from you? Most buyers and sellers would like to stay in touch with their real estate agents; however, many real estate agents drop the ball as soon as the ink is dry on the transaction. “Oh, I don’t want to be a bother,” is one of the most common excuses. Think of it this way—you’re not being a bother if you’re providing your clients timely and practical information. Here are some tips to help you reach out. Continue reading

Tim Sanders’ Tips for Spreading the Love

Making connections between people within your network is a great way to spread the love.

Making connections between people within your network is a great way to spread the love.

What’s the best way to get ahead in real estate: By networking and meeting people who provide value to you or by sharing your knowledge and network with the people you meet? While many of us would say the first one, in reality, if you want to achieve success, it’s better to be a giver. According to Tim Sanders, best-selling author of Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business & Influence Friends, successful people are generous with their knowledge and look for ways to connect the people they meet with others in their networks. Relationship masters who create and foster lifelong connections earn 40% more than the average person. Sanders calls these people “love cats,” and says that love at work is your passionate commitment to promoting the success and happiness of other people. Here’s how to get in touch with your inner love cat:

3 Ways to Tap into Your Inner Love Cat
1. Feed your mind. Many of us are careful of what we feed our bodies—we stay away from sugar or gluten or only purchase organic meat and produce. However, we’re not always as careful about what we put into our minds. We fill it with negativity, gossip and other bad stuff and then wonder why our attitudes stink.

The most important time of day is the first 45 minutes when you wake up. Use this time wisely, as it determines the rest of your day. For the first ten minutes after you wake up, complete this gratitude exercise: Close your eyes and think about the people who impacted or helped you the previous day.  Then think of why they helped you. You’ll realize that there are people who are helping you because they believe in you and want you to be successful. Be sure to thank them.

Spend the next 35 minutes filling your mind with good stuff. Read a book or article that will help you improve your skills or knowledge or check out an inspirational or motivational story. Reading will help set you up for success in the rest of your day and will encourage you to share your knowledge with others, which creates an abundance mentality.

“Positive thinking isn’t a prescription you give to people; it’s an outcome of conscious lifestyle design.” –Tim Sanders

2. Provide value. One of the best ways to provide value is by sharing your knowledge, your network and compassion. According to Sanders, sharing knowledge is the foundation of every relationship. You already share knowledge when you send your monthly marketing flyers and eReports to your database. Take it a step further and share knowledge with your potential buyers and sellers. Remember, you can bring your knowledge with you wherever you go—it’s one that no one can take from you. When you’re working with your clients, look at the bigger picture and find an opportunity to share your knowledge.

Become a super connector instead of simply a networker. Instead of looking for ways for people to help you, focus on how you can help others reach their dreams and goals by connecting them to people in your database. Sanders proposes a simple exercise to do the next time you’re networking: Instead of asking the person what they do, ask them what they’re working on that they’re excited about. Then, when they hand you a business card, write on the back who in your network can help them. When you return to your home or office, create a power letter that includes a summary of each person and the mutual opportunity and send it to the individuals. Then follow up to see if they’ve connected.

“Goodwill is the original viral marketing.”-Tim Sanders

3. Develop emotional talent. Emotional talent defines your legacy and can reinforce your hard work or negate it. Strive to deliver an emotional customer experience and they’ll connect you with how you made them feel long after the transaction has closed.  Part of developing emotional talent is reading people so that you can respond appropriately. If a client is upset, address their feelings and find a way to improve their experience.

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Brian Buffini’s Success Tour San Diego Live Blog with Tim Sanders

Brian Buffini Success Tour-Tim Sanders Live Blog

Are you a love cat? Tim Sanders, the best-selling author of Love is The Killer App: How to Win Business & Influence Friends and Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence is here at the first stop of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2015 to give us the scoop on how to improve our relationships with clients and colleagues alike.