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How to Thank People Who Send You Referrals

Thank people for referring you

When you work by referral, the clients who refer you drive your business. They’re the walking, talking advocates of your character and expertise as a real estate professional. Although they don’t have to refer you, the fact that they do is a testament to their desire to see your business thrive. That’s why it’s so important to thank them for the referrals they send your way. We all want to feel acknowledged and appreciated and your clients are no different. When they feel appreciated for referring you, they’re more likely to keep referring you. Continue reading

Tap into your network to help your buyers move

connect with network


Although many real estate agents fade away one the contract is signed and the transaction is closed, it’s actually the best time to serve your homebuyers, now homeowners. The period after closing gives you the opportunity to continue to serve by connect them with a few of the professionals you work with and trust. We created the July Marketing Flyer in the Referral Maker® Marketing Kit to help you start the conversations with your buyers and help them make their moves go smoothly. Continue reading

How to Build Your Vibrant Database

Build database

A vibrant database is essential to a thriving business. How to you build a vibrant database? It’s simple: by growing and nurturing your relationships through consistent communication. That is, you have to make sure you mail your marketing items each month, call your clients to check in, write personal notes and deliver Pop-Bys to your top clients. Continue reading

Get in Touch with Your Clients This Spring with These Pop-Bys

Garden tools

Now is a great time to pop by to your favorite clients with a special, spring-themed treat to thank them for their business and referrals (and remind them you’re never too busy for more!). Spring is seen as the busiest time of the market as many buyers start their search for a new home and sellers begin to prepare their homes to list. Think of it this way: Just as you plant the seeds for your flowers and vegetables in the spring, so too should you plant the seeds for referrals. Here are a few seasonal Pop-By ideas to get started. Continue reading

Plan now for your next client party

Host a client party


If you’re planning on hosting a client party this spring or summer, the time to plan is now. A client party helps you connect with your best clients while expressing gratitude for the referrals they’ve sent your way. When you start planning early, it takes the stress out of the process. Here are a few tips: Continue reading

Organize Your Relationships for Better Leads



Organize your relationships

When you work by referral, your relationships drive your business. Relationships are constantly growing and changing. As you connect with your clients and find ways to serve them before, during and after the sale, those relationships will grow and improve. They’ll begin to refer you to their family and friends, and you’ll have more great clients to serve. Continue reading

5 Ways to Provide Value to Your Clients This Summer

A personal note is a great way to provide value to your clients and let them know that you're thinking of them.

A personal note is a great way to provide value to your clients and let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Providing value is an important component of Working by Referral. When you provide value to your clients, you offer them another level of service and reinforce your role as their trusted advisor. Show your expertise and appreciation with these five ways to provide value to your clients this summer. Continue reading

The Essential Client Party Checklist

Planning a summer client party? Here's a list of things to do.

Planning a summer client party? Here’s a list of things to do.

Whether you’re planning your first client party or your tenth, it’s helpful to have a checklist to follow to ensure that you haven’t missed a thing. Here’s a short checklist of tasks to complete while you’re planning your client party (as well a few things to do afterwards): Continue reading

3 Reasons to Keep in Touch with Your Clients

A phone call is a quick way to touch base with clients.

A phone call is a quick way to touch base with clients.

If you work by referral, you know how important it is to stay in touch with your clients. After all, it’s your clients who drive your business. While it’s easy to lose touch after the transaction has closed, here are three reasons to keep those communication lines open. Continue reading

4 Ways to Create Your Own Inventory

Live in an area with tight inventory? Create your own!

Live in an area with tight inventory? Create your own!

Although the real estate market is recovering in most areas, inventory is still tight. Potential sellers may be on the fence about listing their homes—maybe they owe more than it’s worth or they’re not sure if they’re ready to move just yet. This may leave many potential buyers frustrated by the lack of homes that meet their criteria. However, there are ways to create your own inventory for your buyers. Continue reading